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Meet the Team

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Jamie Foo

Jamie has been working in the fitness industry for more than a decade.  After obtaining her Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor certifications, she started part time fitness coaching (Indoor cycling, HIIT, etc.) for 'fun'. This hobby took a serious turn when Jamie become a Fitness Training Lecturer in a local vocational institution for seven years.

Jamie is visibly passionate about what she do. Jamie took up the BASI® Pilates certification and fell in love with the BASI® block system. She live and breathe the Pilates Method, openly sharing the physical and mental benefits of Pilates with anyone that will listen. Her classes are dynamic and with emphasis on core strength and posture correction. She hope for all clients to move pain free and improve the quality of their lives. 


Besides fitness, Jamie loves a good cup of cafe latte and all things Snoopy. 


  • BASI® Pilates Comprehensive

  • BASI® Pilates Legacy (Mentor, Master 1 & 2)

  • Pilates for Scoliosis

  • Sport & Exercise Science Specialist Diploma

  • Certified Group & Personal Fitness Trainer since 2011

  • Fitness Training Lecturer for 7 years in a vocational institute

Language(s) spoken: English, Mandarin

Johanna Maharani


Jo briefly worked as a research scientist before going into full time Pilates teaching. She enjoys all kinds of sports—especially martial arts. She spent years practicing aikido, boxing and Muay Thai.

Her Pilates journey started in 2019, after graduating from university where she first experienced the benefits of Pilates for her own boxing practice. After obtaining her teaching certification from BASI️ Pilates, she is determined to introduce the ‘athletic’ side of Pilates that is less talked about to her clients.


She hopes that her classes will change the “Pilates is just stretching” belief. She wants her clients to not only feel better but also stronger after their Pilates session.

In her free time, Jo enjoys cafe hopping while looking at dog pictures on Instagram.


• BASI️® Pilates Mat 
® Pilates Comprehensive

• Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies

• Pilates for Scoliosis

• Pre/Postnatal Pilates

• Rehab Trainer Certified​

Language(s) spoken: English, Bahasa Indonesia


Janice Lee


Janice was a nurse and cabin crew before becoming a fitness instructor. An avid runner and yoga practiioner, Janice took up various fitness certifications. She is a multi-discipline fitness coach in Pilates Reformer, Yoga, Rhythmic Spinning and Boxing. 

Janice applies her expansive knowledge into her love of Reformer Pilates and is selfless in her approach towards helping people new to Pilates. She believes Pilates is challenging for the mind and body and a multi-dimensional workout.


Janice is definitely an experienced coach who will make sure you leave the class feeling stronger than before. She strives to build a community and connection through fitness and mindfulness. Her focus is building strength and body awareness without compromising on form and alignment.  


Janice has 4 dogs at home. Other than working out, Janice will be home snuggling with them!


  • BASI️® Pilates Comprehensive

  • 200hr Yoga Vinyasa Flow

  • Absolute Rhythmic Cycle

  • Functional Anatomy

Language(s) spoken: English


Barbara Chng


Barbara has had a long-time passion for health and teaching. She started her journey in fitness instruction by teaching Land and Aqua Aerobics classes. Since then, her interest has evolved beyond helping her students build their cardiovascular health and muscular strength for general fitness to injury prevention and recovery purposes. She is driven by desire to help her students—especially seniors, pre/post-partum ladies to stay healthy. Therefore, teaching Pilates was the natural choice for her to achieve these goals.

Barbara believes in continual learning and improvement; to which she actively seeks out courses and literature to further her knowledge and improve her teaching methods. Her mission is to help all her students enjoy an active and sustainable lifestyle.


  • BASI️® Pilates Comprehensive

  • Pilates for Scoliosis

  • Pre/Postnatal Pilates

  • Pilates for Seniors

  • FISAF Aqua Aerobic Instructor

  • FISAF Aerobic and Group Fitness Instructor

Language(s) spoken: English

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