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Physiotherapy Partnership

We are proud to collaborate with Ashford Medical Centre to refer you to a professional physiotherapist for consultation and treatment!


Ashford Medical Centre is a wholly integrated care facility where you can have your medical and wellness needs provided for. Depending on your healthcare needs, you will have one-stop access to medical services, physiotherapy services and nutritional and wellness counselling at your convenience. 

Physiotherapy Services

  • Individualised Physiotherapy Treatment Program for Musculoskeletal Conditions including Degenerative Joint Disease, and Chronic Pain

  • Postural Analysis & Workout Injuries Rehabilitation 

  • Specialised Physiotherapy for Pregnancy-related Issues (Lower back-pelvis pain, Diastasis recti & Carpal tunnel syndrome)

  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation before and after Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Osteoporosis Prevention/Rehabilitation

  • Pain Management Technologies with Advanced Medical-Grade Equipment (Super inductive system, Spinal traction/decompression therapy and Therapeutic ultrasound)

  • Intense Electromagnetic Field Therapy to Accelerate Bone Healing in Conservative Treatment of Fractures


Physiotherapy Teleconsultation

Duration: 15min

  • Depending on condition severity, our physiotherapist may provide self-help strategies/exercise for pain relief or injury prevention.

  • With acute/severe/complex/persistent conditions, our physiotherapist will design an individualised physiotherapy treatment plan utilising our advanced therapy equipment at our clinic to accelerate your recovery.

Home Physiotherapy

Duration: 1h

  • Suitable for clients who have difficulty travelling to our clinic (e.g. deconditioned elderly patient, patient with impaired mobility post orthopaedic surgery or patient recovering from stroke).

  • Suitable for clients who prefer to do their rehabilitation in the comfort of home environment.

  • Home Physiotherapy often consists of movement facilitation, walking/balance training, home exercise training and manual therapy when appropriate.

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Ashford Medical Centre nutrition consultation & nutritional supplements

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Corporate Dental Rates at Ashford Dental Centres

*T&C Applies

On-Duty Physiotherapist

Bernard Sim 

Associate Physiotherapy Officer

Ashford Medical Centre

Bernard is a registered physiotherapist under the Allied Health Professions Council. He was a MOH healthcare scholar and graduated with Bachelor of Physiotherapy and University Merit Award from University of South Australia.


Being highly-experienced with close to 10 years of clinical experience, Bernard works with clients from different age groups and backgrounds (e.g. children, athletes, office workers, older adults) to help them effectively manage their pain and mobility issues.


Over the years, Bernard has developed a keen awareness of identifying root causes underlying various movement dysfunctions to achieve long-lasting pain relief and prevent recurrence.

He is highly skilled in various therapeutic skills and is well versed in treating a plethora of musculoskeletal conditions and exercise-related injuries.

Ashford Medical Centre

79 Serangoon Garden Way

Singapore 555975

Physiotherapy @ Ashford Medical Centre Business Hours:

Mon to Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat: 9am - 1pm

(Closed on PH)


Physiotherapy Appointment Booking:

Call 62882789, WhatsApp 98561438 or visit to secure your Physiotherapy session.

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