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The first step to your Pilates journey starts with deciding the type of class you would like to try out. Are you recovering from a recent injury? Looking to address specific physical goals or just curious about Pilates and if it might be right for you? Perhaps you have been doing Pilates for years, just returning to it after a while or you are brand new to the Pilates method. 

Our Starter Series allows you to jumpstart your Pilates journey via private or group settings. Here are some guidelines in choosing between private or group Pilates sessions. 

Private Pilates
  • Recovering from an injury and had obtained clearance from Physiotherapists to start Pilates

  • Have poor fitness level 

  • No awareness of posture and body alignment

  • Have specific goals to address

  • Have tight schedule and unable to attend group class timings

Group Pilates
  • No major injuries

  • Do not require special attention when exercising

  • Able to follow instructions in group setting

  • Have attended Pilates classes before

  • Not for pregnant clients

Private Pilates 1st Trial 1:1 

Our Private Pilates 1st Trial usually begins with a short interview to assess your health and fitness history and your fitness goals. You will be led through a workout designed to give us (and you) comprehensive information and insights about your goals and your body--strengths and imbalances, as well as taking into account any injuries you may be addressing.


This session serves not only as an introduction to the various Pilates equipment (like the Reformer, Cadilac and Wunda Chair), but as a diagnostic tool to better help you build a foundation for future Pilates sessions and classes. After this 55 minute session, you can decide if you are suitable for group or private sessions. 


Things to prepare before your first Pilates session

  1. Book your class

  2. Check your booking confirmation on time & venue

  3. Come in workout attire

  4. Bring a pair of grip socks

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