Beginner Reformer

Designed if you are new to Pilates or recovering from injuries.


A slower-paced class which builds a strong Pilates foundation, expect full body workout combined with active stretches that leaves you with a better sense of the reformer and awareness of your body alignment.


Anyone entirely new to Pilates should take this Beginner class at least 5 times before attending the Dynamic Reformer class.

  • Open Level

  • Grip socks are mandatory


Dynamic Reformer

*Pre-requisite of at least 5 Beginner Reformer Classes.


Our Dynamic Reformer Class is a high energy, full body workout! Fast-paced and low impact, you will be on our Pilates Reformer with an emphasis on functional movement, alignment and proper breathing.


Expect to enjoy the benefits of a stronger core, improved coordination and balance. This Intermediate class uses exercise progressions, allowing options to adapt Pilates movements to meet your fitness level.

  • Intermediate to Advance Level

  • Grip socks are mandatory 

Pilates Mat Flex

Learn to activate your deep core muscles in each movement while focusing on proper form and alignment.


Our Pilates Mat Flex class features a variety of props, modifications and progressions and are taught with mindful muscle connection.


Strengthen your core while improving your flexibility, balance and posture with this open level class.

  • Open Level

  • Socks are not required


Fuse strength training with HIIT elements using the TRX!


Perfect for those who are shy about weights training but want dynamic bodyweight strength workout.


Expect to spike the heart rate and leave the class with sore muscles.  A highly effective total body workout for all age and fitness levels, more results in less time.

  • Open Level 

  • Shoes are mandatory