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BASI Pilates Teacher Training Course

What is the difference between BASI Pilates and other Pilates training organisations?

  1. Our Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Programs integrate various apparatus into each module so students may begin practicing on multiple apparatus as soon as they being their program.

  2. In addition, as part of their training, students learn the highly acclaimed BASI Block System—a specialised technique for classifying and structuring the hundreds of exercises in the BASI Pilates repertoire.

  3. Students also learn how to teach repertoire utilising the BASI Systems F2 System, a unique an innovative enhancement to the traditional Pilates apparatus.

  4. Lastly, BASI Pilates’s reputation for academic excellence and innovation make us the Pilates school of choice for those with a passion for precision, strong technique, and high quality Pilates education.

Who is teaching?

​TBC. Faculties are appointed by BASI Pilates Headquarters and have decades of experience in teaching Pilates and Teacher Training Programs. 

I just started Pilates, am I a good candidate for participating in the Comprehensive Program or do I need more experience?

​​It depends on your general movement experience. For example, individuals with a high level of movement experience (dancers, fitness trainers, athletes) tend to pick up the concepts and practical portion of the program quickly even with a minimal amount of Pilates experience. Our recommendation is that everyone have at least some familiarity with Pilates prior to beginning their program, as well as a basic understanding of human anatomy.

I have completed another organization's training. Do you have a bridge program?

  • Yes! The BASI Pilates ProBridge Program is open to qualified Pilates teachers who have graduated from a Comprehensive Pilates teacher training program.

  • The graduation requirements are adjusted for ProBridge students; students only need to complete the mid term and final exams. Practice hours and student paper are not required. 

  • Proof of previous graduate certificate is required to verify eligibility for the ProBridge Program. Drop an email to to check on your eligibility. 

I have completed the Mat Program and want to take the Comprehensive Program. Will I receive a discount on tuition?

Absolutely! Drop an email to

What happens if I miss a Module?

We prefer that the modules are taken in order, however, it is acceptable to miss 1 – 2 modules and continue with the program. You are encouraged to make up these modules at another host location (additional fees may apply) or the next scheduled program at your host location.

Please notify BASI Headquarters as soon as you know you are unable to attend certain modules. Students have one year from the original module date to make up missed modules. Students must attend all modules in their program before they qualify to take the Final Practical Exam and Final Teaching Evaluation and receive their graduate certificate.

What exams are required to complete the program?

In general, there are 3 types of exams given during any of our teacher training programs:

  • Written Exam

  • Practical Exam

  • Teaching Evaluation

Read more about the exams from BASI website here.

What is the certification process?


Where can I clock the practice hours?

clock hrs.png

When are the practical exams?

On average it takes students approximately one year from the last module of their program to complete all the students hours.

The exams will be arranged one year after the date of the last module in Singapore. Students will need to register to take the exams via the BASI Pilates portal. Before taking the practical exams, students should like clocked at least 80% of the practice hours. 

If students do not complete or pass their requirements within 3 years of their program, BASI may require students to repeat modules.

Still have burning questions? Register for the upcoming course briefing or simply email us your queries

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