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Best post-reformer burn with no unwanted lower back/neck/wrist strain.


Instructor takes a lot of effort to correct form and comes up with new challenging variations. Pace is fast. have been to quite a number of other reformer studios - they either don't burn enough, don't look out for form, or are too repetitive.


I do private sessions with Jamie and have been very impressed by the results in the last few months.


Apart from being technically solid with attention to detail, Jamie brings great energy and variety to the sessions that keep you motivated through some tough routines!


Jamie's classes are my favourite in Singapore! I always get a good Pilates workout whether it's a group class or a private session. She makes sure that you follow the correct form no matter what classes you take.


Very passionate and definitely one of the best instructors in the country!

BASI Studio-14.jpg


I took Jo's intermediate tower class. The session was good and challenging. Jo was very attentive, helpful and always gave detailed instruction.


She made sure each participant had the correct equipment setting before we started the movement . After the session i felt so refreshed, well aligned and a bit tired which is good. Highly recommended 👍


Loving every class here at BPA, the class size is very ideal that it feels like you are on a semi-private class.


I also love taking classes of Jo, she really explains every move end encourage you everytime you are about to give up on each position. She is also a fun instructor who added excitement to the class.

Jo Ean

I started having private classes with Jo few months ago. Jo is attentive and knowledgeable. She always focus on my needs and I always feel good after her class.

BASI Studio-14.jpg


I have been looking for an experienced, professional and good Pilates instructor for some time and Jamie has definitely fulfilled all the requirements to be one👍🏻


She makes an extra effort to understand each and every of her clients’ requirements and expectation. Through her classes, I have definitely gained more knowledge of my strength and weakness and am becoming stronger and better.


Passionate. Dedicated. Caring. Motivated. Innovative. Jamie ticks all the boxes one would look for in a pilates instructor and she excels at every single one of them.She demonstrates extreme professionalism, probably more than many other instructors before I met her, throughout all her workouts and classes.


Huge positive recommendation for anyone who's interested in taking up her lessons!


I have been attending Jamie’s pilates reformer classes regularly now and each session is just as enjoyable as the last. She is very knowledgable and attentive to details, such that she is able to pinpoint your form mistakes and be able to correct them on the spot, making each session highly effective and feeling stronger each time. She is always so cheerful and joyful, which never fails to motivate us to do our best.


I would highly recommend for anyone interested, to take up her classes, regardless of skill level!

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