All Fitfoo Package group class bookings are made via Vibefam Mobile Application or Vibefam Webpage

Here are the steps to - 

Set Up Vibefam Account


(A) Download Vibefam App on your mobile

via iPhone App Store

via Google App Store or 

(B) Go the the Vibefam Webpage

2. Verify the account and create a Username

 - Your Username will appear after clicking the profile picture icon.


Purchase Fitfoo Package​

1. Select Fitfoo

2. Select Get Packages and choose the package you want to purchase

3. Make Payment via

Option A: Paynow​ to 88078771 (Preferred)

(using your bank app)

>> Whatsapp your payment details & Username to 88078771

>> Credits will be added to your vibefam account manually by Fitfoo Admin

* Do not key in credit card details for Paynow option. 

Option B: Credit Card (using Vibefam)

> Key in your credit card details into the Vibefam App. Credits will be automatically to your vibefam account


Check Package Balance & Expiry
1. From the homepage, select Manage
2. Select Package

Book Fitfoo Class

* Classes are open for booking exactly 3 weeks in advance, at the class timing.
1. Select Fitfoo
2. Select the class to book
3. Choose a spot
4. Select the package to redeem
5. If the class if full, add yourself to the Waitlist

We encourage you to put yourself on the waitlist. People cancel classes every day and there is a good chance you will get in. When a spot opens, an email is sent to you that you have been added to the class. 
* Your upcoming classes will appear in the top corner of the home page 
* You will received mobile app and email notifications 


Cancel Fitfoo Class

Cancel Booked Class
1. From the homepage, select the class booked
2. Select the menu next to the booked class
3. Confirm the cancellation

* Class credit would be refunded if cancellation is made 12 hour in advance


Cancel Waiting List Class
1. From the homepage, select Manage
2. Select Waiting
3. Select the menu next the waiting list class
4. Confirm the cancellation

Share a Package


1. From the homepage, select Manage
2. Select Package
3. Choose the package to share and select Share Package
4. Search for your friend Username
5. Key in the number of classes to share

Sharing of Package is only applicable for 10 and 20 sessions packages.